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Cardinal Components is a certified supplier of Bollhoff Rivnut® fasteners of all types. Since 1983, we have worked with customers and offered them the best products in the industry. Our company is the most trusted source in the nation for puller, Rivnuts®, and other blind fasteners. If you're looking for kits, tools, and hex fasteners manufactured by Plusnut® or Rivnut®, we have high-quality and economical products made by Bollhoff. We are a leading distributor of all these products and strive to offer our customers top of the line products and personalized service.


Cardinal Components’ staff is ISO 9001 certified, which ensures consistent and high production standards. We are committed to assisting our customers in finding the appropriate Rivnuts® and tools for their applications at competitive prices, and in a short period of time. All of our stocked products are shipped the day they are ordered.


Our selection of quality trusted name brand products is extensive. We also offer custom Rivnut fastener products design for all applications. Our Rivnut fasteners can be used with many materials for any purpose including barbecue carts, electronic cabinets, or boat step pads. The list is limitless! We are ready to answer your call right away during business hours and we also provide rentals and repairs for our tools, such as our pneumatic nut insert tool, pneumatic rivet gun, and more. Cardinal Components also offers engineering help, technical support, and easy installation.


If you are looking for high quality Rivnut fasteners, Rivet Nut threaded inserts, and more, please trust in the experts at Cardinal Components.


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