Top Grade Plusnut® Rivet Nut

At Cardinal Components Inc., we are proud to offer a huge selection of Rivnut® fasteners and rivet nut installation tools that are the best on the market. The PLUSNUT® has been designed to provide the ultimate pull out strength in thin sheet metals and plastic. Its slotted body splits into four legs providing a wide load-bearing surface on the backside of the parent material. The PLUSNUT® also features the widest grip range of any blind threaded rivet nut. A grip ID mark is included on the head of the fastener for grip range identification.


The PLUSNUT® Pre-Bulbed has been designed to be installed using torque controlled hand or power tools. A simple torque hand tool C1000 wrench type hand tool can be packaged with this fastener for customer installation. Use of the 4090P and 6703P pneumatic nut insert tool can install this fastener in variable thickness plastic materials such as those produced by rotational or blow molding. A grip ID mark is included on the head of the fastener for grip range identification.


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The PLUSNUT® Design Advantages

  • Assemble two materials together
  • Allows for blind installation, installs in seconds
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Use in plastics and fiberglass
  • Wide grip range for variable thickness materials and for part consolidation
  • Installs clearly without damaging parent material and finish
  • Soft installation forces to avoid fracturing in soft or brittle materials
  • Available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • Available in 6-32 to 3/8-16 & M4 to M10 thread size


PLUSNUT® Pre-Bulbed

Tools that Install PLUSNUT®

C7000 Single Lever Hand Tool

C1000 Wrench Type Hand Tool

4090P Pneumatic Tool

6703P Pneumatic Tool



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