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C3600 Key Seating Tool














The following Fastener/Tool Selection Guide indicates the fastener and thread size capability of each tool. This chart covers products made from steel only.


The C6000/C7000 is a lever type hand tool that is operator pressure controlled and designed to install RIVNUT® or PLUSNUT® fasteners. It features a plunger rotation knob for spin on and spin off of the RIVNUT® or PLUSNUT®.


C6000 / C7000 Tool Manual


The C722 wrench type tool installs the RIVNUT® or PLUSNUT® using a simple wrench to hold the tool and a hex key to apply torque. As the hex key is turned the tool exerts a linear pull stroke to install the RIVNUT® or PLUSNUT®.


C722 Tool Manual

C845 Tool Manual



The C1000 wrench type tool installs the RIVNUT® and PLUSNUT® fasteners by using two simple wrenches. As the nut on the top of the tool is turned the shaft of the tool exerts a linear pull stroke on the fastener.


C1000 Tool Manual



Closing the handle of tool retracts a cutter blade that nips a keyway in thin metal. A small, round file or guided drill is recommended for cutting keys in heavier metals. When ordering tool parts, be sure to specify flat or countersunk head and RIVNUT® thread size. Extra cutter blades should be ordered with the tool.


C3600 Tool Information




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