SNAPLOC® is a two-part fastening system consists of a  ball stud and coupling for quick installation and is based on the principle of a simple snap connection. The coupling is inserted into the bottom of the respective cover in a specially designed mounting and held in a closed-form. The ball stud can be screwed into various mating components. Simply push-fit to connect and pull apart to detach – SNAPLOC® provides optimal fastening.

















SNAPLOC® is based on the simple principle of a snap connection. A ball socket is formed within the coupling, in which the ball stud can snap into as a counter-piece. The special features of SNAPLOC®: the connection compensates tolerances and isolates vibration and noise.


                                          Detached connector                                                                                                           Attached connector

Here you can see a cross section of the coupling.


SNAPLOC® ball studs are available in six basic designs. They may be distinguished in the form of their fastening.

  • Ball studs with external thread
  • Ball studs with internal thread
  • Ball studs with K’ in K’ (plastic in plastic) thread
  • Ball studs in clip form
  • Ball studs for injection molding
  • Ball studs for insertion

Four product variations are currently available which are defined by the characteristic of the ball head diameter (available are ball head diameters 7, 8, 10 and 15 mm). The following parameters are variable – shaft length, thread diameter and thread length, material, color, material of the blank and various drives, whereby two drives may also be realized per ball stud. The various ball studs may be combined, in all ways, with the various coupling designs within one ball diameter.


Ball studs in metal/plastic combination:


SNAPLOC® ball studs with external thread

The ball studs with metallic external threads are available with metric

threads and in plastic self-tapping threads. Please contact us for further

thread forms. For the corresponding dimensions, please refer to pages 14 – 17 in the catalog.
















SNAPLOC® ball studs with internal thread

The ball studs with metallic internal threads are primarily available with

metric threads. Please contact us for further thread forms. The corresponding dimensions may also be seen on the pages 18 – 19 in the catalog.



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